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Dear oil tycoons,
today we have pleasant news for you as a little easter present. Enjoy your holidays with the newest Oil & Soil version! In the last months we implemented lots of improvements and bugfixes into the game. As always we’re curious about your feedback.
Here’s what we’ve changed in V0.55 since V0.53:
  • FIXED: changing the language works again
  • FIXED: burning oil fields can be extinguished again
  • FIXED: line chart in statistic screen now works correctly
  • FIXED: oil price in Middle America was not shown
  • FIXED: oil price per barrel is now always visible in the sell oil screen
  • FIXED: options screen won’t change screen resolution to the lowest resolution anymore
  • FIXED: firefighting mini game won’t show stupid messages anymore
  • FIXED: loading/saving a game now supports investment histories
  • IMPROVED: news ticker speed on end of turn screen is now slower
  • IMPROVED: current cash display is now prettier
  • IMPROVED: added visual feedback animation for phone calls
  • IMPROVED: PC sounds and fire sounds

If you want to be part of our alpha testing community, please don’t hesitate to contact me on our forum:

May the oil be with you,