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Alpha version released!

Dear Oil Tycoons,

we are proud to announce the immediate availability of the alpha version of Oil & Soil! This alpha version contains a playable oily experience with some limitations. Please remember that this is neither a beta nor a release build of Oil & Soil. That means it is potentially full of bugs and sometimes graphical ugliness. But we didn’t want to hide this playable alpha version from you. Why? We want your feedback very early because we want to build the best Oil & Soil experience that is humanly possible. Together with you. Together with our community. If you want to take part in actively playtesting our alpha versions and send bug reports or improvement suggestions, then please send a short forum message to the forum user ThomasFeucht (that’s me). We’re giving you free access to download the Windows version.
Further instructions will be posted in our alpha forums for those who participate.

Those of you who have already registered for the alpha version have immediate access. You can download the alpha version here:

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Oily New Year! Let’s make Oil great again!

May the oil be with you,