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Dear Oil Tycoons,

today we have merry oily news for you as a little christmas present. In the last months we implemented lots of small improvements and bugfixes into the game. As always we’re curious about your feedback, please send it via this forum thread:

Here’s what we’ve changed in V0.39:
– IMPROVED: saboteur default with 1 month
– IMPROVED: english language texts
– IMPROVED: added statistic linear graph that show the dynamics of all players’ market shares in 12 months
– IMPROVED: added statistic chart about player’s and competitor’s cash flow and invested capital
– IMPROVED: selling oil is now possible by only selecting region
– IMPROVED: oil fields should last longer before they are empty
– IMPROVED: the GameInfo Screen is now part of the computer screen “Overview”
– IMPROVED: show help about possible controls within drilling minigame
– FIXED: player is missing in statistics
– FIXED: blurry border on player name input field
– FIXED: telephone message are cut on the end
– FIXED: ticket functionality of the briefcase scene to start firefighting minigame
– FIXED: you can now adjust the drilling pressure accordingly
– FIXED: buy oil tank with only selecting continent without the need to select an oil field
– FIXED: if you sell oil twice, the tanks are refilled on the second try
– FIXED: Win screen jumps back directly to main screen
– FIXED: number values > 999.999 are not visible
– FIXED: expertise can’t be cancelled
– FIXED: drill scene localizations missing
– FIXED: drilling costs aren’t correct
– FIXED: briefcase back doesn’t work, game has to be quit via Alt+F4
– FIXED: GameInfo isn’t showing any numbers
– FIXED: oilfields with 100% sea don’t always show sea background graphics
– FIXED: when drilling is successful, the oil fountain isn’t showing anymore
– FIXED: volume control slider

Have fun testing the newest and best version of the game yet.

May the oil be with you,