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Dear oil tycoons,

last week finally the summer has begun. Best weather to drill for some new black beauties: Oil, of course! For everyone interested in alpha testing, we provided our newest Oil & Soil V0.46. As always we’re curious about your feedback.

Here’s what we’ve changed in V0.46 since V0.43:
– IMPROVED: Driller’s sound adjusts based on terrain difficulties and pressure
– IMPROVED: Camera shake when driller is in difficult terrain
– IMPROVED: New main menu item for “load game”
– IMPROVED: We increased the speed of the computer player in the pipeline mini game
– FIXED: Map selection while selling oil now works correctly
– FIXED: Firefight mini game can be played again now
– FIXED: After practising a mini game, the game now returns into practise menu
– IMPROVED: Drilling mini game now supports game pads
– FIXED: You can now practise drilling more than once
– IMPROVED: Player now has to confirm quitting the game
– IMPROVED: Firefighting mini game now contains a keyboard binding text
– IMPROVED: We added new sounds for successful drilling
– IMPROVED: The game screen now contains the current cash amount.

May the oil be with you,