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Dear oil tycoons,
today we have pleasant news for you as a little easter present. Enjoy your holidays with the newest Oil & Soil version! In the last months we implemented lots of improvements and bugfixes into the game. As always we’re curious about your feedback.
Here’s what we’ve changed in V0.43:
– IMPROVED: Company icons for Explora and Interoil now have a better font
– IMPROVED: new end of turn screen
– FIXED: new worldmap back-button now brings player back to computer screen instead of office screen
– IMPROVED: several small improvements in drilling mini game
– FIXED: message “You cannot sell oil twice a month” now appears directly if player selects sell oil in computer screen
– IMPROVED: pie chart in statistics screen now displays real game data
– IMPROVED: added key binding info in pipeline mini game
– IMPROVED: added tutorial button in main menu with first steps in tutorial (tutorial is not completed yet!)
– FIXED: Name-input-field should update the name in the box above in realtime
– IMPROVED: added new drilling background music
– IMPROVED: added new sounds for button clicks, phone calls and contract case
– FIXED: end of turn screen is now shown if month is over
– FIXED: pipeline mini game now shows the correct player’s company icon
– FIXED: game settings are now saved correctly
– FIXED: pipeline mini game: Player’s company logo will now stay rotated in the right direction if the pipeline is finished successfully
May the oil be with you,